Strange DNS problem…

  • Hi.
    I have a simple setup like this:
    Router –-- LAN for most of the house ---- my pfsense box ---- my two computers

    The thing is that after a period of time (from 5 seconds to 10min normally, but up to several hours some times) no domain names are being resolved. If I constantly keep browsing one specific page I can stay there pretty long, but if I try to access another one it doesn't find it. But I do not get disconnected from MSN.
    This problem is "reset" every time I release and renew the WAN IP of my pfsense box and the IP of my computers or when I restart dnsmasq.

    I then tried to install TinyDNS to see if that helped, it kinda did... The strange thing I described above stops, but it takes long to resolve the domain names the first time (like 5-30 seconds) and if I'm not browsing that page for some time the long delay comes back, this is very annoying. (Another problem that occured was that the overrides I had in the DNS forwarder no longer works, but I kinda expected that)
    I have checked and unchecked the "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN" with no effect on any of the problems.

    If there is anything about my setup you want more details on, just ask and I will do my best to explain.

  • I would boot from the livcd and keep it as default as possible to confirm it's not a hardware thing and change lan ip to something like 10.0.x.x/24 if your router uses 192.168.x.x/24

  • I tried what you said. Booted up from the livecd and only changed the IP, exactly same thing happens… But can it be a hardware problem? Doesn't really look like that way (But what do I know..?)

  • Could it be a MTU problem?,9301.msg52658.html#msg52658
    else recheck network settings on lan clients

  • As for the MTU, i did a ping -f -l 1472 as the link in the post you linked to explained without getting a message telling med the packet needs to be fragmented.
    What should I check on the lan clients? Both the laptop and desktop has been used in several different networks and I havn't had any problems earlier. (They both run Win Vista btw)

  • What should I check on the lan clients?

    If it had a wrong gateway or dns servers.
    If the vista clients are set with opendns dns servers does it then work?

    Else i only know of this post,3528.0.html

  • The gateway and dns at the clients were set to my pfsense boxs IP ( as they should. Now when I tried disabled dnsforwarder and set the opendns IPs as dns servers it seems to work, gonna give it some more time before i yell hoooray though. But I will not be able to override names now?

    Thanks for your help btw, really appreciate it  :)

  • Go to System/General Setup/ DNS Servers…

    What do you have there?

  • I wrote in the 2 IPs to OpenDNS that Perry gave me. And it seems to be working  ;D

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