No access to pfSense console after sytem restore

  • Hey pfSense community,

    So a couple of day ago I really messed things up I went into the the pfSense console and installed pkg not knowing it would replace pkg_add after doing this it all went downhill. I went into packages to install a package and it gave me a warning saying the there was a certificate error and that chain of trust was broken. I rebooted and then it gave me a bigger error. All of this makes some sense since I replaced the pkg_add. luckily I had made  a snapshot in the initial state of the vm. So I did a backup of my configuration file and a reverted back to the initial vm. The initial state of the VM had no configurations I uploaded my backed up configurations and restored.

    All my problem with pkg_add were solved.  everything seemed to be working okay.  I have then notice a couple of issues.  Suricata on a reboot is not starting up automatically and most impotently I'm unable to see the pfSense console. it hangs on what it looks like a reboot the last line is configuring firewall….....done. I hit enter and nothing happens At this point the WebGUI is working perfectly. if I press CTRL C  and then it gives me a shell then when I type exit to go to the initial pfSense console the firewall looks like its rebooting the WebGUI restarts , but the same thing happens it hang on Configuring firewall.

    Any help is much appreciate it!!!!

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