Routing through Wireless Client Bridge (Diagram)

  • I have Verizon FIOS TV and thus I've turned the default Actiontec Router they provide into an Ethernet bridge to serve my TiVo STB via coax.  It works perfectly the way I currently have it configured.

    However, I'm looking to move my pfSense box into a server rack that is no where near my Verizon FIOS ONT box or TiVo STB.  I already have single cat6 run for connecting the ONT to the pfSense WAN port.  So I need to be able to connect the Actiontec router to my network via wireless.  I have a cheap Linksys E1200 with DD-WRT on it that would act just fine as a client wireless bridge.  However I'm having trouble determining if I need to change my route/gateway to the Actiontec and/or if I need to configure VLAN10 on the port connection the DD-WRT Client Bridge to the Actiontec.  The below network diagram is how I want to have everything configured I'm just not sure how to get the routing to work from the network to the network through the wireless bridge.  It works fine if the wireless bridge is replaced by a netgear switch that passes VLAN tags.

  • If it does not support tagged vlan maybe you can use untagged vlan on that port.

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