Username length limit

  • It appears that the maximum username length is 16 characters?  Is there anyway to increase this?

  • That used to be the limit of usernames in FreeBSD. It looks like that was increased to 32 though and no one noticed to change our code to allow longer. It might be as simple as changing the input validation on that page to allow 32 instead of 16, you can give that a shot.

  • I tried to change the limit from 16 to 20 using Firefox/Firebug, but when I submit the form it resets and re-validates it against the 16 character limit again.

    Looking for the php file on the firewall itself, maybe changing the code itself will work.

  • That worked:

    [2.2.6-RELEASE][###@###.###]/usr/local/www: diff system_usermanager.php system_usermanager.php-ORIGINAL 
    <       if (strlen($_POST['usernamefld']) > 32)
    <               $input_errors[] = gettext("The username is longer than 32 characters.");
    >       if (strlen($_POST['usernamefld']) > 16)
    >               $input_errors[] = gettext("The username is longer than 16 characters.");
    <                                                                />
    >                                                                />

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