Request Build Recommendation / Gigabit LAN and WAN

  • After suffering a TP Llink Archer C7 follwed by a Netgear FVS338Gv3 I would like to get some advice on building & buying a fast Router for SOHO

    From some light reading around the forum I hope I can give you enough information for a recommendation and as I will take a trip to the USA next week I was thinking about picking up the hardware there at a dicount over EU prices hopefully  :)

    Anyway what I am looking for on a high level is a small form factor pfSense box to handle my SOHO.

    My requirements are that the build should be able to handle

    • Gigabit LAN and WAN Routing

    • Be able to handle 1 Gbit Fiber WAN in future next 1 to 2 months (I am using 500mbit Fiber today)

    • Auto WAN Failover Handling from Fiber to 4G - Not sure if notications via email are possible on failure?

    • Maybe an IPMI port and definitely a 4 Gigabit Port Intel NIC

    So I would like to run pfSense using the NAT, Firewall, Dynamic DNS, VPN (max 5 Concurrent Users), HAVP, Snort and pfBlocker and maybe Squid and Squid Guard

    I am not sure if I would need AES-NI and Intel QuickAssist when I only have 5 concurrent VPN users …

    I would like to use the form factor Micro ITX, Micro ATX for now, but may consider rackmounting it evetunally.

    My budget is a something less than $500 ...

    Noise not really a factor as it will sit in technical closet with ambient temp around 28c as all the floor heating and electric are in that close or rackmounted in my basement workshop - maybe I need to cool the CPU if ambient is 28c.

    I am not so concerned about power Consumption as I have 10kw Solar Cell on house and more than self sufficient on electricity they are paying me at the moment  ;D

    Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated ... I have been reading alot about the C2758, C2750, J9100 with 8GB Ram / would this be able to handle Gigabit now and have some upgradability in the future?

    Thanks in advance!


    A cheap i3 + asrock motherboard + 6-8 gig of ram, with a samsung 850 pro (smallest you can find) would be my config for this. Chuck in (basically) any dual port nic (i340/i350) and have done with it.

  • Please note, if you are planning on bridging the ports on the Intel Nic, it is a bad idea and generally frowned upon.

    If you need more ports, get a switch

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