GUI unresponsive after attempting to view a suricata log…

  • Services -> Suricata -> Logs View -> alerts.log

    There is a long delay where the status states "Loading file…", finally the Log Contents display, but the page remains unresponsive.  I cannot scroll through the log, or otherwise click on any part of the webpage.  Eventually the browser gives the option to "wait" or "kill."  Even when I click wait and let things "process" for 5 minutes, nothing happens.

    I checked the size of the log file:

    -rw-r–---  1 root  wheel  42031387 Apr 10 09:15 alerts.log

    The only wait to regain control is to close the browser and re-open.

  • Yeah, this is something that is to be expected with huge log files.  Right now the GUI does not load the file in parts.  It just attempts to read the whole thing into a textarea control for viewing.  That does not work with huge files.

    A better solution is needed, but it has been low priority.