Firewall Alias CIDR Notation, Add Multiple Networks (Available with bulk import)

  • Apparently I'm blind, and missed the bulk import option.

    ~~When adding a network using CIDR notation in pfSense prior to 2.3 the netmask was automatically parsed, and multiple networks would be separated. This was really useful when pasting in large lists of networks/CIDR.

    For example, if I want to handle communication with Facebook or Google networks differently, for rudimentary content filtering in some cases,  policy based routing in others, I'll look up the ASN (, get the list of networks, and paste the list into a single alias. This no longer works so adding large lists of networks will be quite tedious.~~

  • check    Firewall/Aliases/Bulk import
    (the blue import button on alias overview screen)

  • Oh cool! That's even better than before  :D


  • yea, that was the plan that the devs had/have. make it better then before.

    for sure, not every detail has achieved perfection … but in general i think they've done an amazing job & the details will be sorted in the future.

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    If you pasting a large list of static IPs, then the "Bulk Import" works fine, but if your wanting to collect ASNs, the pfBlockerNG package can automatically collect the IPs for ASNs on a specified frequency and auto update an Aliastable…

  • This is a sort-of regression. The code is there after submit of the ordinary alias form to allow lists of IP/CIDR and just split them up and make multiple rows. Now the front-end of the form forces some validation before even submitting the data, so it is not possible to get that sort of data to the back-end any more.

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    The bulk import has been there for years. It was just easy to miss since on 1.x and 2.1/2.2 it was a little up-triangle button that you had to hover over to see what it was. :-)

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