Auto Update Missing

  • Hi

    Seems that Auto updating is missing from the new interface or its been moved to somewhere i can't find it.
    If it has been removed or not yet put back in, could I request it. And if possible have a maintenance window to apply the update?

  • In System->Update->Update Settings you can disable the automatic dashboard auto-update check.
    If you did that, then it will not show on the dashboard.

  • That's not quite what i was on about.
    Before you could set PFSense to auto download and install updates.
    This option seems to be missing in the current snapshot.

    Edit: never mind looks like i was imagining things, all you could do was click the button to have the system update in one click.
    Just a feature request then to Fully auto update with in a set window. If there is a command line that could be triggered i could run it via cron.

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