Syslog-ng 1.1.1/pfSense 2.2.6: logrotate " not found"

  • I've just noticed that running "/usr/pbi/syslog-ng-amd64/local/sbin/logrotate" throws an error "Shared object "" not found, required by "logrotate"". The missing lib is in "/usr/pbi/syslog-ng-amd64/local/lib/", but it seems the logrotate binary can't find it. I've tried reinstalling and uninstalling/installing the package a few times, but that didn't fix the issue. Is there maybe an easy way to "properly" fix this, like creating a symlink or something like that?

    Also, the package's logfile viewer is acting strangely. It shows entries up to "Dec 31", even though there's newer entries in the actual logfile "/var/syslog-ng/default.log". Could this be because the logfile has grown too large? It's at 22M right now, because of logrotate not working…

    I think this box will stay at 2.2.6 for quite some time even after 2.3 is released, because it's a "system critical" system. Thus I'd appreciate any help with fixing the problem!

  • Hi, I manage to do a quick fix:

    cp /usr/pbi/syslog-ng-amd64/lib/ /usr/lib/

    My logs are rotating and archiving fine every day now :P