Translate source and destination

  • Hi All
    I'm helping a non-proft org move from a sonicwall appliance to a pfsense box.  They have a rule that translate both the source/destination

    Orig Source: Firewalled Subnets
    Trans Source: Wan Interface IP
    Orig Dest: Wan Interface IP
    Trans Dest: Phone System Private IP
    Orig Srv: Phone Ssytem (http/pcPro)
    Trans Srv: Orginal

    How do I accomplish this in pfsense?  Thanks in advance for your help.

  • The destination translation is done by Firewall: NAT: Port Forward, you will already have discovered.
    The source translation can be done at Firewall: NAT: Outbound. Select "Hybrid Outbound NAT rule generation", hit save and then add your translation rule. Ensure that you select the interface where the respective traffic leaves pfSense, I assume WAN.

  • Thanks Viragomann!  That was easy - confused myself because we have two WAN interfaces so I just added 4 rules.  I assume I don't need to worry about Default NAT rules in Sonicwall (only Custom) like default rule below when nothing is translated.

    Orig Source: Any
    Trans Source: Original
    Orig Dest: LAN Interface IP
    Trans Dest: Original
    Orig Srv: Ping
    Trans Srv: Orginal


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