Best security and user friendly hotspot experience

  • I have been messing with FreeRadius and the captive portal a lot the passed few months. I am not having any problem making any of it work, everything works almost exactly how we want it to. Right now im using the captive portal with freeradius / mschapv2…

    My question is, what is the best method to allow new and existing members find a Wi-Fi network being broadcast, connected to it, be met with a captive portal to either pay to become a new member, or sign into your existing member account with all the ease of use as a hotel hotspot with the added security of home...What is the most modern and user friendly way of creating an instance like that? Is there anything better or more secure than what were already using?

    Thanks everyone, i appreciate any insight granted!

  • I use different methods for the auth. and also for different groups of users.

    • wired privat LAN clients over a OpenLDAP server (NAS)
    • wireless private clients over a Radius server with certificates with out client isolation
    • wireless guests clients over the Captive Portal with vouchers & with client isolation
      Each in his own VLAN.

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