Apple devices dhcp noise?

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    I am quite sure this has been happening forever, but since I just moved to 2.3 been tooling around the interface much more than 2.2, just see what has changed, where things might have moved to like the dhcp leases have their own tab now under status.  I had never noticed this before that caught my attention.

    But now it has, my apple phones and ipad spam the living shit out of the dhcpd and its logged..  When they are sleeping/low power mode, whatever they constantly check their lease..  See attached.

    Other than going to static on the device for this wifi network, anyone know how to make this noise stop?  Seems to be a known issue but the only advice I have found is go static..

  • No, you can't really change this.  Yes, it's noisy.  This is proper and expected behavior from devices that are dropping off and re-joining the network.  You can attempt to alter the network behavior of your iDevice to never drop the network, or only try it every hour, but overall no.

    There is the filter, whose icon now looks a bit like a funnel, that will let you selectively peruse the logs.

  • It's slightly noisier with dhcpd 4.3 because it adds another log for the reuse_lease, but yeah otherwise same as it's always been, it's a client "issue" if you want to call it that.

    I'm guessing it's something to do with power saving maybe, they shut down and when reconnecting renew their lease again (which is the correct behavior really where they're disconnecting and reconnecting).

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    I don't mind them waking up every now and then and checking stuff..  But really seems like a bad design to renew the lease every time you wake up, when your not close to being expired.  As to filtering the logs to find what your wanting, ok still pointless to spam the logs every minute..

    Going to just set statics on the devices for these networks, that should stop the noise..

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    Well I set the 2 phones to be static when they are connected to the normal wifi network that they use eap-tls to auth too..  And my logs are much much cleaner ;)  My ipad does not seem to be doing it.. Only the phones a 5s and a 5c seem to be the guys going nuts when they were not in actual use.. Just sitting there charging on the night stand and they would just sit there like every minute asking for dhcprequest..

  • dear i have the same problem mostly with Samsung mobile device still unable to figure out the problem
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