• Hi,

    I am having problems setting up my system.

    I have a WiMax Satellite that is delivering Internet to a Cisco Linksys Internet and VOIP router supplied and managed by my ISP with the Satellite set as My VOIP is (internal and hidden) and my DMZ'd connection as

    The DMZ'd connection is currently fed into my own NetGear FVS318N router, which uses the as the WAN and as the Gateway and enables me to use as my own internal network with a mix of static and dhcp addresses. Everything seems to work, including email server, Web server and IPTV.

    If I replace my router with my new pfSense firewall with NIC1 configured as the WAN as above and NIC2 configured as my LAN as above, with NIC3 as my management interface and NIC4 currently unassigned. A dedicated IPMI NIC in also running.

    Yet I cannot communicate from any device on the LAN through to the WAN not even a ping to So effectively I am isolated.

    Can anyone please suggest a way Forward? Using 2.2.6 version.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    jB  8)

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    Can you ping when you set pfsense to

  • Hi johnpoz I will try as soon as possible and report back. Thanks