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  • Greeting all,

    I'm new to pfSense wondering if i can get some best practices on setup processes. pfSense box has already been built and running. Currently has it setup as static IP for LAN interface, i'm pointing my desktop Gateway to pfSense IP for testing purposes (IP add Also there is a router that connect to ISP Sienna box with an IP add of Planning to switch the IP between the 2 device so all traffic can pass-thru pfSense before going out or into our private network… Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


  • The training that the pfsense folks provide is a great way to understand the system and use best-practices. I highly recommend – Comes with Gold Membership for a year too.

  • Where, how and is there fees involve for those training videos?


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    It also includes access to the book, which is another great resource.

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