What do I need to buy to completely replace my DSL gateway?

  • Right now I'm using a Technicolor TG582n DSL gateway, and does the standard set of things I need:

    • WiFi for my smartphone
    • 4 computers in Ethernet
    • port forwarding

    …except allow me to block hosts and IP addresses. Which is the main reason I'll be going with pfSense.

    What hardware will I need to buy to fully replace this gateway?

    I'm thinking that this should be enough:

    1. SG-2220 coupled with the internal WiFi card
    2. Draytek Vigor 120 (for ISP dialing)
    3. Gigabit Ethernet switch

  • I can't speak to DSL as I have not used it since the 90's

    For everything else however - that seems like a pretty decent setup.

    If it were me -  however - I'd use a separate wireless access point, rather than a built in WLAN card.  They tend to perform better and give you better range.

    My personal favorites are Ubiquiti Unifi AP's.    The UAP-AC-LR is an amazing bang for the buck with long range support, and both 2.4 and 5Ghz support, maxing out at 867Mbit/s in dual channel 5Ghz AC mode.

    If you have lesser needs a UAP-AC-Lite might suit you better, or maybe even a 2.4Ghz only UAP

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    I concur I would stay away from putting wifi in your router and go true AP..  Your going to see much better wifi with using real AP..  The unifi AC lines are very reasonable price points, even the pro at $149 isn't out of reach of your typical home budgets..

    I have a pro, lr and lite running - very happy with their performance..

    If your in the market for AP, I have the older unifi AC sitting on my shelf, I replaced it with the new pro line. They still sell it for $300 - I let it go to a good home for $75 and whatever shipping you want to pay for.  Original box, all mounting hardware.. Just PM if interested..  The old line does not currently support ATF or bandsteering, but they will be adding that back I would hope.

  • I appreciate the offer, johnpoz, but I don't know if I'm that serious about WiFi.

    I first started using WiFi a couple of weeks ago, along with getting my first smartphone. My crappy gateway is giving me a decent signal around the house and speed looks okay for the simple tasks I do (messaging mostly).

    The Ubiquiti APs get good reviews but it'll be one more piece of hardware that I need to find a place to stick, and I already got enough hardware inside the room.

    Will the internal WiFi card (that fits the SG-2220) give at least as good of a signal as my cheap gateway does? If yes, then I'm good.

  • I'm thinking that this should be enough:

    1. SG-2220 coupled with the internal WiFi card
    2. Draytek Vigor 120 (for ISP dialing)
    3. Gigabit Ethernet switch

    It will be enough pending on this input. Other wise if you want to install many packets and or
    service must be running such Snort, Squid, pfBlockerNG and ClamAV or HAVP I would say the
    SG-2440 is the better option.

    With WiFi and pfSense it is not so easy to answer, from what I was pulling out of this forum and
    another German forum is the following; "If got it working inside you will be happy and get some benefits
    on top of other solutions, if you get it not working often it comes a huge amount of problems besides".

    If ac WiFi will be a must be or in the near future you should go with an external WLAN AP.
    You could also take other antennas that will be longer and stronger then the mostly smaller
    and lamer ones.

    • 2 x 13 dBi DiPol
    • beam aerial or beam form
    • with a longer wire and an magnetic feed
    • planar, dish or flat antennas for stationing mounting

    The cards will be also really interesting that you will insert.
    The most common here in Germany I was saw that are this ones;

    • Compex WLE200NX a/b/g/n miniPCI Express Radio Card
    • SR71-E Hi-Power 802.11 a/b/g/n miniPCI-E Modul (UBNT)

    What is now better your consumer router or the miniPCIe card is not to answer from our side.
    Here are other well working chipsets. Link

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