IPSec routing problems

  • Hello everyone. The problem that I have is: I have 2 pfSense connected via IPSec in different places. I got up the tunnel without problems, however it is necessary that the PFSense1 traffic is routed through the PFSense2 to access internet.

    I used the steps in this link to create the tunnel. I have the same configuration but not working.


    However I can not get that Internet traffic is routed through IPSec.

    If someone could help me. Thank you

  • Same Problem here but different conditions.
    After upgrading from 2.2.6 to 2.3 without changing Vpn settings my iOS 9.3.1 cannot access internet via vpn anymore.
    But what works now is that local dns resolution works!

  • It could be something simple like iOS not getting access to a DNS server, perhaps it is worth trying to tick the box 'Provide a DNS server list to clients ' in VPN
    / IPsec / Mobile Clients towards the end of the page, and entering your routers IP as value for Server#1 (?

    Failing that it could be useful to check the firewall log for entries of the remotes IP, perhaps a new rule has been added / enforced that prevents the remote destination to get access to the WAN interface?

  • It should behave the same way. What's your "local network" on your mobile IPsec P2? Needs to be My iOS devices still work the same there as in 2.2.6.

  • thank you cmb. that works for me. was set to "LAN" before.
    i am really happy now!!

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