Static arp with a wlan repeater

  • Hello guys,

    when i activate static arp at my dhcp settings in pfsense i can't access pfsense itself over my laptop. but when i deactivate static arp i have access to pfsense.

    then i found out with a wireshark trace that when im going over the repeater (repeater is connected to a access point) the mac adress of the repeater and not of the laptop is asking for the packets. when im going over the access point instead of the repeater everything is working (with and without static arp) because the mac adress of the laptop itself is asking for the packets and not the repeater for the laptop.

    now my question is if there is any way to have static arp activated with the repeater.

    (repeater is configured with a other ssid than the access point)

    thanks in advance

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