PFsense 2.3 and Asterisk

  • Hi, just notice Asterisk has been removed from pFsense package.

    I was using Asterisk on my pFsense box since years…, never had any issues with phone calls at all.

    And this was adding  me so much value to my little firewall.

    Don't know if there is a way now to compile Asterisk on pFsense 2.3...

    If someone have some hints for me !

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm also using Asterisk on pfsense for a looong time…

    Will it come back as a package for 2.3?

    BR, Ulli.

  • Looks like they've started talking about this in another thread:

    Probably would require a full redo, particularly since the version of asterisk used by the old packages is, well, old, too.
    Rather would see freeswitch…


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