HDD Light Flashing A Lot

  • Hi, the hdd activity light is flashing a lot on my pfsense box more than once a second, the light flashes even if theres no inet access as well.

    I'm running 1.2-FINAL, no other packages installed. Spec is Dual P3 600MHz, 512mb ram, 40gb HDD (smallest I had).  I've checked on "top" and nothing stands out. PHP seems to use a slight bit of cpu but thats it.

    Any help would be great


  • eh?? So what? If you don't suffer from any performance issues, just don't care about it. Maybe your FW is swaping a lot… but if there is no problem don't fix it... anything within the logs?

  • Only DHCP requests etc in the logs. SWAP = 0% according to the front page.  Theres no performance hit, and if there is I can't tell.  Would be nice to know why its flashing as much as it is.


  • well I was curious and it doesn't look like the "iostat" binary is included in pfsense.. I also couldn't find a binary package for it, if you really wanted you could probably :
    install freebsd 6.2 on a virtual machine or spare pc, and copy (via scp i guess) the iostat binary over to pfsense and that might help you find out whats using the disk

  • Cheers mate, i'll have a go.

  • The RRD graph data gathering will write to the drive a decent amount, a few other things will read from disk periodically.

  • cheers  ;)

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