• Hi!
    I get a feeling of that the 1.3 Alpha ha a lower throughput than earlier versions, I know, this is an Alpha. I use an Intel DQ965GF board with built in 1000Mbps NIC used as WAN, 2 Intel 1000Mbps NIC as LAN and OPT1, 3Ghz, 512MB RAM and the system is installed on a USB Flash disk.

  • It uses the exact same base OS as 1.2.1, FreeBSD 7.0, which is significantly faster than the base OS used in 1.2 release (6.2). Unless you can specifically quantify something, I very, very seriously doubt if this is the case. Network performance isn't related in any fashion to the pfSense code, that's entirely from the base OS. FreeBSD 7.0 has a number of network stack and driver improvements that significantly increase thoughput capacity.

  • There was a brief period where developer kernels where included as opposed to the normal kernels which are considerably slower.  Try updating again to be sure…

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