Whats the current recommended CF card?

  • Hi guys,
    With 2.3 out my 1GB CF Card is just too small for pfSense now. I recall from long ago there was a big thread about certain CF cards locking up when making changes. Whats the current recommended card? Budget is about $20, I don't use any packages, just needs to be big enough for one of the NanoBSD images.


  • Some are really slow to switch from read-write to read-only mounts. You can work around that by leaving it rw mounted.

    Generally speaking, SanDisk are good. I've yet to see a SanDisk card that's slow to rw->ro mount.

  • SanDisk "Extreme" (red) or the Transcend industrial grade (green) ones with 4 GB should be really nice.

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