2.3 "Disable writing log to disk" setting disables all logging on entire system

  • I originally asked the question on the Reddit pfsense sub and was able to determine that putting a check in the option to disable the writing of the log to the disk stops all logging functionality. I thought maybe my installation was bugged so I did a fresh install and restored from my config and am getting the same problem. Any ideas on this?  I am using a Netgate 2440 using the Netgate installation released today (2.3).

    My original posting on https://www.reddit.com/r/PFSENSE/comments/4eidpo/firewall_logging_just_doesnt_exist_for_me_any/

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you saying it disables remote logging also?

    The logs in the pfSense GUI are the logs on disk. Disabling the logs on disk will disable the logging you can see in the pfSense GUI. Remote logging via syslog should still work, though.

    It's basically doing exactly what you told it to do – though perhaps not what you expected. If you want to see logs on pfSense, they have to be stored somewhere. They aren't buffered in memory, they have to go to disk.

    You could try putting /var/ in a RAM disk if you're concerned about disk writes, though that has other caveats.

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