Need help masking my IP address. I want to display a fake IP on the internet

  • Hello guys,

    I am a noob with networking and all, but I am getting there….. I would like to know if there is a way that I can spoof my IP so that when I am surfing the internet, I can be completely anonymous. Not saying that I will be doing illegal things, but I just like it for security. I heard of people using shell accounts ETC. Can someone fill me in?


  • I'm not sure what you are talking about, but it's not possible to fake your IP.
    Because if you do this nobody would know how to answer you ;)

  • The closest you could come would be to make use of some form of VPN or proxy service, like maybe Tor.

  • Anyone know of a good free reliable proxy that they use for pfsense?

    Thanks for the info guys.

  • If you want privacy on the Internet, use Tor like Havok mentioned.

    It, like most proxies btw, is very slow. But at least you'll be anonymous.

  • @Jantje:

    It, like most proxies btw, is very slow. But at least you'll be anonymous.

    Well, as long as people aren't after you in particular.  It isn't impossible to track individuals using Tor - there are a number of items published on the web about this.  A large part of it depends on the end user not doing anything to expose themselves.

    There are no packages for tor on pfSense.  There is a FreeBSD package (security/tor), it comes with a warning:

    Remember that this is development code – DON'T RELY ON THE CURRENT TOR NETWORK FOR ANONYMITY!

  • Thanks for the info man, if anyone else has suggestions let me know. :D

  • You can install FreeBSD packages (details in the forum) but you're on your own.  As the package says, don't rely on it - if it's simply wanting to be less visible, it (and all the other packages) are fine.  If it's a matter of staying out of legal trouble, you need to consider the risks for yourself after you read the research others have done.

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