This is going to be a lonnnggggg night :(

  • I upgraded tonight to 2.3 waiting like 90 minutes before i gave up hope pfsense would come up again. But nope can't login and can't restore fullbackup since the script is gone in /etc aaarch. i have to get my router outa the closed open the case take the hd out then write 2.2 back on it and then do a full retore and hope i wil get everything back pfffffff

    Thanks but no thanks for this upgrade. I'm not going to upgrade after i have my previous 2.2 back

  • Not sure where the horrible pain is here.  I did a backup (with RRD data) then tried the in-place upgrade. It failed miserably, so I shoved a USB stick in and rebuilt it as 2.3, restored the backup, and I'm up and running again.  Maybe 10 minutes of downtime, total.  It's about preparation.

    If you hid your router somewhere hard to get to and then did a remote upgrade with a major packaging change underneath it you should expect hurt.

    (BTW, devs: this really should have been called 3.0, regardless of what the plans for the real 3.0 are. Too many thought it was just a minor update and it's really not.)

  • yeah i have it hidden in a closet and headless i needed to hook up a monitor find the cables hook up a usb rom drive lots of noise in the middle of the night and so on and so on lets say i'm way not happy ;)

    I downloaded the live iso with my phone and burned the iso its now botting for the first time. I'm also copying the backup to my usb stick so i wil do a full restore in a few minutes too but thise sucks ig time its 6 am in the the netherlands :(

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