Anyone know about SATA optical drives with BSD?

  • Anyone heard success/failure stories of these with pfSense or BSD in general?

  • My Dell PowerEdge R200 (Intel ICH9 chipset running in legacy ATA mode) works fine with a slimline SATA DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo in FreeBSD and pfSense (any version based on FreeBSD 6.3 or 7.0 - 1.2-RELEASE is based on FreeBSD 6.2, which is too old to support the ICH9).

    I suspect it doesn't really matter, but the drive is a TSST TS-L463A, which seems as if it might be a Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology special for Dell, judging by Google.

    From the dmesg:
    acd1: CDRW <tsstcorp cd-rw="" dvd-rom="" ts-l463a="" d300="">at ata4-slave SATA150

    (Yes, I know it's acd1; acd0 is the virtual optical drive of the DRAC card in this machine).</tsstcorp>

  • Thanks for the info on that, I browsed the Hardware notes but didn't recognize anything looking like it fit the bill as a driver there, so I wanted to make sure.

  • We did have some install failures on BSD and pfSense, we didn't think much about it except just replacing it and moving on.  It could be that issue.  Our hardware was older p4 2.4 ibm's and hp's from storage.  So we just assumed bad drive and moved on.  You may have a point here though.

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