Strange system.log content after 2.3 upgrade

  • Upgrade to 2.3 is bringing some surprises  ;)

    One is that system.log contains something that looks to be inconsistent:

    Apr 13 07:37:14 php-fpm 7554 /rc.newipsecdns: MONITOR: WAN_HA is down, omitting from routing group WAN_DHCP
    Apr 13 07:37:14 php-fpm 7554 /rc.newipsecdns: Default gateway down setting WAN2_DHCP as default!

    This looks ok but when checking configuration, group is WAN_HA and gateway is WAN_DHCP, not the opposite as shown here.

    Editing and saving gateway group doesn't fix it.

    So far, this is only cosmetic , I suppose ;)

  • Good catch - I broke that when doing some gettext() stuff with variable substitutions. As you guessed, it is only cosmetic.

    Redmine issue:

    Pull request to fix:

  • @phil.davis:

    As you guessed, it is only cosmetic.

    Hopefully this will be fixed. Thank you ;)

    Even if this is cosmetic, this could be somewhat disturbing, when trying to fix problem, especially after some significant migration… ;D
    I realize now that I should have reported this in a more "standard" way  :-[

  • That fix was merged, it'll be in 2.3.1.

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