Gateway configuration

  • Hi all,

    My pfsense got 3 port 1st port is for WAN 2nd port is for LAN  and 3rd port is for Test. During my first test I connect port LAN 2 ( with my laptop(  then connect LAN ( with juniper port e0/1( and juniper port e0/2( connect to another PC(, and I set LAN gateway to Juniper as default**(shown in attachment LANdef)** gateway. I can Ping from my laptop to another PC( Bu_t for my second test I bring UP WAN port with public IP connect to Internet and set WAN as default gateway(as shown in attachment WANdef)_ I can only ping up until juniper port e0/1( but when I set LAN gateway back as default, I can ping all the way to pc Is there any wrong in my setup ? My setup as shown in attachment setup

    *I am still new to world of networking

  • Hi all,
    I just solved my own problem  ;D, It just simple thing that I miss look which is static route. I set my wan interface as default gateway then I add new static route for my juniper e0/2 interface from gateway LAN 1. now I able to ping from both end

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