HA Proxy 1.6 fails on 2.3

  • just upgraded to to 2.3 and HA proxy is failing to start.

    luckily I don't use it that much at the moment, so isn't a big loss. more of a warning to others who might upgrade.

    PHP Errors:
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:31 Etc/UTC] PHP Stack trace:
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:31 Etc/UTC] PHP  1. {main}() /usr/local/www/haproxy_stats.php:0
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:31 Etc/UTC] PHP  2. file_get_contents() /usr/local/www/haproxy_stats.php:54
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function get_configured_carp_interface_list() in /usr/local/pkg/haproxy_utils.inc on line 164
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP Stack trace:
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP  1. {main}() /usr/local/www/haproxy_listeners.php:0
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP  2. haproxy_check_config() /usr/local/www/haproxy_listeners.php:76
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP  3. get_frontend_ipport() /usr/local/pkg/haproxy.inc:1882
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP  4. haproxy_interface_ip() /usr/local/pkg/haproxy.inc:1820
    [13-Apr-2016 08:11:41 Etc/UTC] PHP  5. haproxy_get_bindable_interfaces() /usr/local/pkg/haproxy_utils.inc:108
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare haproxy_portoralias_to_list() (previously declared in /usr/local/pkg/haproxy.inc:267) in /usr/local/pkg/haproxy/haproxy.inc on line 444
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP Stack trace:
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP  1. {main}() /etc/rc.filter_configure_sync:0
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP  2. filter_configure_sync() /etc/rc.filter_configure_sync:37
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP  3. filter_nat_rules_generate() /etc/inc/filter.inc:297
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP  4. discover_pkg_rules() /etc/inc/filter.inc:2373
    [13-Apr-2016 08:20:26 Etc/UTC] PHP  5. require_once() /etc/inc/filter.inc:4208

  • haproxy-devel-1.7.d1_1 also fails in the same way.

  • Does that work if you have already upgraded?

  • You can safely remove all haproxy*.inc and haproxy*.php files and then reinstall the package, that should get rid of the haproxy issues.

    rm `find / -name "haproxy*.inc" -print`
    rm `find / -name "haproxy*.php" -print`

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate


    rm `find / -name "haproxy*.inc" -print`
    rm `find / -name "haproxy*.php" -print`

    That's a bit dangerous method…. try this:

    find / \( -name "haproxy*.inc" -o -name "haproxy*.php" \) -exec rm -rf {} \;

  • @jimp:

    That's a bit dangerous method…. try this:

    find / \( -name "haproxy*.inc" -o -name "haproxy*.php" \) -exec rm -rf {} \;

    Thanks!  I came here having the same issue with haproxy and this resolved it.

  • That worked.


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