Update 2.3 on CF 4GB … but installed 1G NanoBSD image

  • Hi,

    what I've understood is, that the 1GB NanoBSD images in 2.3 are not supported anymore. I've many Alix boards with the 1GB image … but they have a 4GB CF inside! I've done that, because it was faster when writing the smaller image to the card with physdiskwrite.

    Is there any way to perform an update to 2.3 and change the imagesize to 2GB accordingly? If yes, it would be great if it it can be done remotely ... or can i resize the partition via ssh before an update?

    Thx for any hints

  • Arrrgh… you were lazy to wait for proper image size to be written back then.  :o
    Now you suck - have to go on-site and re-flash them with 4Gig images.
    Lesson learned - i guess - next time don't be lazy and do it properly.

    I'm afraid that's not possible - the partitions on the disk are continuous.

  • Not too lazy … its not more work to use the bigger image, it's just a matter of time if you need to do this n times. If I'd knew that the 1GB would be a dead end, I wouldn't have done that. But you say, you're afraid ... what does this mean? Do you know it, or do you assume it? Are there no commands in bsd to resize the partition, if the disk has more space?

  • NanoBSD images have 3 slices (=partitions):

    • Main (1)
    • Backup (2)
    • Config

    You'd have to move first the config partition to the end of the disk.
    You'd have to move the Backup partition upwards, and extend it further 'till it reaches the config partition
    Lastly you'd have to exend the Main partition 'till it reaches the Backup

    Good luck with that… Under the stripped-down FreeBSD which gives the base of pfSense... and on flash-based media... remotely on a live system...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have to rewrite the entire card. There is no way to grow the slices as you describe.

  • Thx to point that out.

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