Kernel Panic after 2.3 ugprade

  • Hello,

    After upgrading to 2.3 the kernel is panic with the following message.

    panic: pmap_mapdev_attr: Couldn't allocate KVA
    cpuid = 0
    KDB: enter: panic

    I did click on full backup.  How can i restore without reinstall? Or is there a way to get aroudn this panic?

  • I basically re-installed 2.2.6 and then restored my configuration.  Will wait to upgrade until i can understand the root cause.

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    Without a full crash dump with a back trace we can't speculate as to what might fix it.

    From the little text there is there, it sounds like it tried to allocate too large a portion of kernel memory compared to total RAM.

    How much RAM is in the box? Is that i386 or amd64? Any custom settings in /boot/loader.conf or /boot/loader.conf.local ?

  • I will try to get crash dump although i am not sure where and how to save it.  I will read up.

    The laptop is a Dell D420 with 1.5GB of RAM.  I am now trying a fresh install from USB and i still get a panic so indeed there is somethign peculair with the Hardware that the Kernel does not like.  I am using i386.  Do you suggest i try AMD64?

  • Just tried with AMD64.  I get "CPU does not support long mode".  Then i realized that this CPU is an Intel Core Duo 1.2GHz which i think is just 32-bit.  So i am going to go back to the i386 image.

  • Here are photographs of the backtrace.  Not sure how to capture them to a file!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Looks like it's having some fundamental issue talking to the hardware, between that and the earlier errors, it's acting like it can't do any sort of DMA to the board. I'm not sure what might have changed there in FreeBSD 10.3 but it's not looking good for that box. You might try grabbing a FreeBSD 10.3 disk and see if you can boot that.

  • I was able to avoid the kenrel panic by disabling onboard Wifi nic in the BIOS.  Obviously there is a kernel bug that is triggered by the wifi.  But since i don't use it, i don't care :-)

  • @wahmed This worked, thanks! I had a Belkin PCI wireless card installed, and removing it let me continue install. Strangely, the older version of pfsense didn't have this issue. I haven't upgraded in a few years.

    Motherboard was a MSI mainboad (last pentium 4 before hyperthreading) circa 2002 and the wireless card was circle 2001.

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