RESOLVED - Free RADIUS can't install

  • I can't install a FreeRadius on pfSense-Full-Update-1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA-20080714-1124.tgz.

    Is it possible install free radius on this version?


  • Especially at an ALPHA-ALPHA stage, I suspect that the pfSense developers are far more interested in core functionality than anything else, and consideration of packages will come later on.

    The problem might be similar to that on 1.2.1-BETA; it seems that the package manager might be trying to install FreeBSD 6.x packages on 7.x. If confirmed, that is a bug in core functionality - but one that may be left for a while whilst other higher priority bugs are worked on.

    In the longer term, the FreeRADIUS package really needs updating to use the net/freeradius2 FreeBSD port. FreeRADIUS 1.x is end of life and almost unsupported now - there are so many changes, improvements and bug fixes in FreeRADIUS 2.x that the developers feel it isn't feasible to keep on supporting the old 1.x code.

    On my part, the latest improvements to the FreeBSD ports have only been made available for the FreeRADIUS 2.x one - I've not back-ported the changes to the 1.x port. I may, in due course, back port the changes that are appropriate for 1.x, but increasingly both the net/freeradius2 port and FreeRADIUS 2.x itself are likely to diverge further from the 1.x port and server code.

    There's a lot of changes on the way for the net/freeradius2 port, including an update from 2.0.3 to 2.0.5 - see PR ports/124439. It would be good if the pfSense package was able to offer these changes.

    FreeBSD net/freeradius(|-mysql|2) port maintainer

  • Thank you for your response.

  • DavidW ever considered becoming maintainer of the FreeRadius port for pfSense too?!

    Ermal (freebsd src commiter :)

  • It's a thought - I really ought to get into learning about pfSense packages. As I've said before, I want to produce a pfSense package for apcupsd. I realise that we have NUT already, but apcupsd has stable code for those of us with SNMP managed UPSes. My server rack has an APC SmartUPS 3000VA 2U rackmount with an AP9619 management / environmental monitor card.

    Obviously I wouldn't want to usurp the current FreeRADIUS package maintainer, but I can contact him or her to find out their intentions.

    Ermal / anyone - I have seen mention of the packaging documentation somewhere on the forums, and I have had a look around the devwiki. That said, if anyone can point me as to where to start, I'd be grateful.

  • What i really can suggest is to read pkg.php pkg_edit.php and some already present package.
    I do not think any documentation would explain the real magic of it and only the real, existing, code will do.

    Check a simple port that exists and from that move to a more advanced one.
    Though, sincerely, I am not the person to ask for this since i am more of a 'read the code Luke' than read the docs one :).

    P.S. Can you please pm me your email so i can contact you privately!

  • Try installing it now.

  • Thanks.

    Installed successfully with version pfSense-Full-Update-1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA-20080723-2313.tgz.

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