LAGG intefaces for LAN

  • Hi all,

    Just got a new netw adaptor I350-T4 and i also have the one from my mobo same model T4 => 8 lan interfaces.
    Now the question is this one:
    can i aggregate 2 lan interfaces using the same lan ?
    Like : from pfsense –> 2x lan to L3 microtik sw
                      pfsense --> 2x lan to NAS
    Using the same subnet ?

  • Using the same subnet ?

    This might be going but then all the data from the NAS are running through the pfSense firewall and
    at the moment where GB wise files will be changed and/or stored it would be really hard for the firewall
    if some other packets or jobs will be running there too. I would go another way to get rid of that situation.
    pfSense –- 2 Port LAG --- MikroTik switch --- two Port LAG --- NAS

    So your firewall is not really inside of all routing and the entire LAN traffic is then done and routed by
    the MikroTik Switch.

  • will try this asap

  • just encounter an issue with this setup:
    when donloading torrents or anything alse, it starts fast (like 20 MB/s) then the flow goes down alot till it heats 2 MB/s.
    cpu and ram usage are exactly the same.
    any clue?

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