Trouble disabling console on pfsense beta3 embedded

  • Hello all!

    I have installed PFSense beta3 embedded onto a 128MB CF disk using phydiskwrite.  I am using a CF->IDE adaptor in an IBM PC.  It boots according to the wiki and stops video output at '/'. I do not have a null modem cable (laplink cable) to connect to another PC.  I have tried booting it with

    set console=vidconsole

    and others.  It still stops on the '/'.  Is there a way to make it boot / default to using the video console and keyboard?

    Thanks in advance!

  • No, the embedded version is serial only.  Sounds like you want our ISO version but thats not suitable for CF..

  • So I guess I need to get myself a null modem / laplink serial cable?

  • yeah, I think that's what you want. you can dump your monitor now  ;D