Pfsense 2.3 Positive Success

  • Just a note of many thanks for the great work of the developers and the testing community for the new release of Pfsense 2.3. I have been using the snapshots over the last few months and find this is the way to learn about the software and how to configure it on our system. The platform for our router is an Xeon server with everything standard including Intel network cards. I found this eliminates 99% of the hardware headaches of read about on the forum.

    The only issues we have found is the the Suricata package when running in the legacy mode with traffic shaping (CODELQ) is great. We need CODELQ to reduce bufferbloat. Suricata in the Inline mode for some reason interacts with the traffic shaper. This is true for any shaping protocol. A note was written up in the Pfsense bugtracker. I assume some with expertise will sortout this issue in the future. Until then we will run Suricata in the legacy mode.

    We have found that Pfsense 2.3 seems much faster and smoother in operation that Pfsense 2.2.6. … no actual measurements  but it is apparent with installing a fresh image of Pfsense 2.3 and internet access by clients.

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