When is an ISO not an ISO - when it is a tar.gz file

  • I'm confused. I went to download the upgrade ISO file but after selecting my Computer Architecture (AMD 64bit) and Platform (CD Image (ISO) with Installer), I get pointed to pfSense-CE-Full-Update-2.3-RELEASE-amd64.tgz. If you explode it it is not an ISO but a large file system of what I guess are replacement files. It is not a 'CD Image (ISO) with Installer'. The upgrade guide (https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Upgrade_Guide) does not say anything about this case but references booting from the ISO.

    Is there a guide for upgrading from the tar file?


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    That's an upgrade file, not a new install file. Sure you followed the right link?

    For people upgrading who originally installed 2.2.x or earlier from CD/Memstick, they use that .tgz to get to the latest release.

    Testing now when I visit the download page and click the button for new installs and pick the architecture, it yields an .iso.gz file.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    No, I want to upgrade. I have existing deployments of pfSense 2.2. The upgrade instructions reference an ISO file and don't appear to describe what to do with a tar.gz file. Should I just copy it to the root directory of my pfSense system and untar it? Really?


  • What "upgrade instructions" are you seeing? There aren't any that reference an ISO. No you don't untar the file, you upload it for manual update if you want to go that route.

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    ^ that
    What document says that specifically?

    You don't manually apply an upgrade that way. If you want to upgrade manually, visit System > Firmware, click Enable Firmware Upload, then pick that file and submit it.

    You could also use the Auto Update tab under System > Firmware.

    Or upload the file to the firewall and use option 13 from the console.

  • Thank you for the pointer. I want to do the manual update but couldn't find anything in the Upgrade Guide that mentions that method. All I see is Section 3. Performing the Update and all it references that seems to apply to my situation is Section 3.2 Live CD. Also, then accessing the Download section of the pfSense site, as I mentioned before when I select Upgrade, AMD 64bit and ISO - I don't get an ISO. It is definitely misleading. But thanks to your help I think I see my way forward.

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    The "Live CD" it mentions is an older platform that was removed. It literally ran the entire time from CD. If you installed to a disk in the firewall, it's not a Live CD after it's been installed, it's a Full Install.

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