Firewall rules for dynamic PD ipv6

  • Hi,

    installed pfSense for the first time the other day, and I'm no networking expert, so maybe I'm overlooking something.

    I got native ipv6 from my ISP, which used DHCPv6-PD (/60), and the predix is dynamic (at least I've gotten 3 different ones over the last few months). I've enabled RA on the LAN, and I get out just fine ( shows 10/10).

    I have a webserver on the LAN which I want to reach from the internet via ipv6, so clearly I need to poke a hole in the firewall.

    What was unclear to me is if pfSense will rewrite the rules when my prefix changes or not, like my Asus wifi router used to do?

    If not, how do I configure this so the webserver is reachable?

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