Multi-Wan failover realibility with busy links

  • Hi all!

    I`ve setup Pfsense with multi-wan and it is working fine in first tests.
    But my experience with multi-wan on other plataforms and scenarios
    says that the problems come up when the links are too busy for
    failover ping test to work well, so the system "thinks" the ISP is
    inactive and desactive that route, wrongly.

    I`d like to hear opnions/experiences/cases about Pfsense behavior
    regarding this issue. Failover in Pfsense really works realiably
    when links are too busy?

    Tom Lobato

  • You can add QoS to the game. With HFSC you can aleviate this problem by guaranteeing ping to have its needed share always.

  • Hi ermal!
    thank you

    good choice, it is what Im implementing on linux, with some trouble. But Id like to hear cases about pfsense behavior in this scenario without
    further configuration (qos, etc). Or, maybe, opnion like "pfsense works well
    in this situation, but only with qos configured".

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