RFC2136 & DNS Servers Config

  • At the bottom of the services rfc2136 edit page there is this notice:

    "A DNS server must be configured in System: General setup or allow the DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN for dynamic DNS updates to work."

    Is that really the case?  Or is DNS resolver enabled for the localhost ( sufficient?

  • It just needs the ability to resolve DNS, so that's fine. That note predates the use of in resolv.conf.

  • I've found a few inaccuracies and small grammatical errors here and there in the GUI.  Is there a proper place to submit changes to these? Pull request? Sorry if this was mentioned before… I do remember seeing something during the beta phase but now can't find it...

  • Pull requests on github are easiest. Lot of fixes like that get submitted that way.

  • Will do, thank you as always

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