What does the red status light mean on SG-8860U?

  • Hi,

    Why does the status light on the from turn red once a while?  this is not while booting up but after the device has been on for a while and for some reason, I can no longer access my unit.  default IP doesn't work and I can't seem to reset it. the reset button is either stuck or not active. there is no "click" feeling.

    any ideas?


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    Normally it only goes red during boot before the POST finishes. Contact us through support on the portal and someone can help you check on that deeper. Be sure to register the unit if you haven't already ( http://www.pfsense.org/activate )

  • I'm seeing the same behavior on an SG-2440 that just stopped issuing IPs suddenly today. The only device plugged into its ports is a managed switch on the LAN port (which is configured for trunking). When I plug the switch into the firewall, both the SATA Activity and the Status LEDs hold red fora couple of second, then SATA Activity turns off and Status goes back to solid green. I'm also seeing them do this every ~1 min while the switch remains plugged in.

    I don't have any more free support requests. Where can I get help troubleshooting your hardware? Is there a troubleshooting guide or user manual for the equipment?

  • sorry for the late reply, in case you haven't solved it yet…

    while you may have run out of troubleshooting requests, you can still email them and they will get back to fairly soon.  For me, it was a botched software upgrade and I just had to re-install it again but their email support helped me.

  • I'm curious.
    what was a problem and what was a solution?

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