New Feature- Saving configuration temporary for sometime

  • Hi Pfsense,
    it will be great if we have this feature in pfsense where you can do the configuration and save it, then the system keep it for X minutes if you did not apply it, then the system will change it it last configuration. this will be helpful when you do configuration for remote router. example of Ubiquity devices. if you did not click apply for the saved configuration, then the device will go to it last configuration.

  • In pfSense terminology, you want to save the change (= update the config), press apply (for things that have an apply stage) to make it happen on the running system, then have another "confirm all is OK" button that you have to press within "x" minutes, otherwise the system reverts back to the previous config.

    That way you can wait a few minutes to see that you have not locked yourself out, and then press "confirm all is OK". If you get locked out then the system will revert back in a few minutes and (hopefully) you can get back in again.

    Mostly this sort of thing is great when you are messing with VPN settings on a remote box, using the VPN itself to make the changes.

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