HEADS UP on 2.3 upgrade if using haproxy

  • If you have haproxy installed, make sure you uninstall it before upgrading You also might want to check to verify its inc files no longer exist.

    Already upgraded and things are broken?

    Go to Diag>Command, or option 8 at the console, and run:

    rm /usr/local/pkg/haproxy*inc

    Then reboot, and you should be in good shape.

    Prepping before upgrading?

    First, go to System>Packages and uninstall haproxy. Your config will be retained and available after re-installing the package post-upgrade. Check the directory contents of /usr/local/etc/pkg/ to verify the haproxy inc files are gone. Diag>Command, or option 8 at shell, and run:

    ls /usr/local/etc/pkg/

    If there are any files in that directory containing haproxy in their name, run the rm command mentioned above for recovering if you've already upgraded.

    After verifying there are no haproxy inc files in place, you know it's safe to upgrade to 2.3 as normal. Then reinstall haproxy afterwards and you should be set.

    I'm looking into a proper fix for future versions, but this will get you by for now.

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