[SOLVED]2.3 AND lightsquid

  • the lightsquid does not seem to work for me since I upgraded to 2.3. here is the screenshot. I am able to see the access log under service/squid/real time/squid access table. But the lightsquid does not work. I refreshed before opening up the report.

    the squidguard works as well.

    update: the package was fixed. please update your package.

  • I had the same thing when I first installed it, it didn't seem to work.

    What I did to fix it was click the manual refresh button and wait.  Wait a few hours or over night, not sure how long i waited.

    For me it seems like the first time takes along time to refresh.

  • I've the same problem

    I fix it with prompt command :

    /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/www/lightsquid/lightparser.pl

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