How to disable Web Configurator (pf 2.3) on wan

  • For security purpose, I would like to block Web Configurator on WAN and keep it on LAN. This does not seem to be possible anymore …
    Anyclue ?

  • How did you come to the conclusion that the web configurator is accessible on WAN? On my system it very definitely is blocked on WAN, I've tested it numerous times with various online port scanners.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    The default wan rules block all unsolicited traffic, so out of the box the web gui is not available via the wan.  You would have to have created rules to allow access via wan.  So I find it pretty unlikely that web gui not accessible before upgrade that it would be accessible after upgrade.  Nor would it be available on clean install of 2.3 without intervention to the default config.

    Please post how you believe that web gui is available via wan interface..

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