NAT between 2 firewalls

  • Hi

    I am new to pfsense, and have done quite a bit with it to date. I ran into a bump that i simply can not overcome, and would appreciate any feedback.

    Here we go:

    I have firewall 1 (External)

    WAN: 41.x.x.98/28
    GW: 41.x.x.97/28

    This firewall serves as the incoming firewall for internet and Natted traffic. It works perfectly.

    I have firewall 2 (Internal)


    This firewall server as the gateway on the network, and works perfectly. It serves internet to localhosts, no connection issues.

    Web Server


    This is the server i need to be able to access from the outside on port 80. Internally it can access the internet perfectly

    MY problem i am facing is with NAT incoming request to firewall 1, from there NAT to firewall 2 and be able to reach the web server.

    My NAT that i tested is:
    Firewall 1 to NAT 1 to firewall 2 on WAN interface. From firewall 2 it must NAT to destination (Webserver) on port 80. I cant make this to work. But i can setup NAT to firewall 1 with a server running on the same netmask, with my eyes closed, no issues.

    I would appreciate any help and direction i can get on this.

    thank you

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