2 LAN, 1 WAN - LAN1 10% the speed of LAN2.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a PFsense VM (esxi) it's got 3 connections on the VM (all identical brand new cards). 1 wan (FTTC 80mb down 25mb up).
    WAN is 192.168.1.X
    LAN1 is 172.20.100.X (proxy details must be entered port 3128)
    LAN2 is 192.168.2.X (DHCP, captive Portal, transparent)

    LAN2 works perfectly. if I go to say speedtest.net I get about 15ms ping 80mb down, 25mb up
    LAN1 is about 80ms ping 3mb down 7mb up. I have tried using other cards on the machine (it has about 6) to no avail. I have swapped cables on all ends of this connection as well as multiple ports on my switch.

    I am not sure where to even begin looking for this issue? I am very confused why the up stays higher than the down as well….if it was a bottle neck issue of some sort I would expect up and down to be the same (until 25mb/s was exceeded).

    I am assuming perhaps I have some sort of routing loop or something to create the crazy ping...I am very new to PFsense and you guys have all been great help. I have searched quite  abit but I wasnt able to find something on this forum describing my issue but I apologise up front if I missed something.

  • closing this as I realised it's my lack of knowledge causing the issues. Seem lan one is is someone diverting back through it's own interface and ignoring the proxy.

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