Save DUID with backup

  • Hi,

    My ISP is assigning me a static IPv6 subnet with DHCP based on my DUID. If I backup my configuration and restore it on a new machine, is my DUID also transferred to the new host?


  • No. The DUID is stored in /var/db/dhcp6c_duid. Just copy that file on the new machine in the same location.

  • Does not work for me. The DUID gets reset to the hardware dependent (MAC address based?) default value after every reboot.
    I'm using a vanilla pfSense 2.3.1 without any 3rd party patches.

  • Just thought that I'd mention a feature request asking for the DUID to be part of the config file, allowing it to be backed up/restored.

    I think there's actually a field for it in the config file, but it's probably not used for anything at this point in time as it's blank.

    As for persistence across reboots, if you're running the nano version or have RAM disk storage enabled, those might be reasons why it's not persistent. Because it's definitely persistent for my pfSense box, and I'm not using RAM disk storage.

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