RSync through NAT

  • Hi Guys

    I'm baffled here. I want to make a simple NAT for port 873 to let my NAS at home use the NAS here at work as a backup destination.

    If I try and connect locally to the NAS here at work (telnet NAS 873) it gives me @RSYNCD… response.
    If I try and do it through the firewall I don't get anything. I mean, how hard can it be :-)

    The firewall is a dual-wan, and I've used the primary WAN connection. Do I need to amend the rules or???

  • Can I recommend (as rsync has no data protection) you use some form of encrypted tunnel, either SSH or a VPN (IPsec or OpenVPN).  That would also solve your NAT problems.

  • True, I'll consider it, but I have to get a pfSense up and running here at work first for that.
    I figured out what the problem (well part of it), default gateway was apparently set incorrectly on the receiving end.

  • rsync through NAT shouldn't be an issue. This should help.

    The pfSense download mirrors rsync to a server behind pfSense NAT.

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