No webGui after install 2.3

  • I just did a upgrade to 2.3 and then did a factory reset to start fresh but now i am unable to get in the web gui  any suggestions?

    Apu4 is the device i am using

  • Are you trying from the WAN interface or the LAN interface?

  • Lan

    I can serial in to it but I have once of the prolific serial converters so it keeps crashing my computer in putty session

    I am getting an IP address and shows im on line but i get the error no timed out in the browser

  • Assuming that you have a backup .xml file from the status before the upgrade I'd just wipe the install and do a reset.  If that fails then look through the xml backup for odd things.  I had problems with a nano install a while back that I traced to the backup .xml file trying to restore two sets of DHCP records for the LAN.

    Sometimes it's just easier (and quicker) to just kill the problem, do a factory reset and configure it from scratch.

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