Secondary GUI non responsive with Primary Active

  • Ok, I have setup Carp before but this a bit odd.
    Problem: Primary member is problems with the gui.

    The secondary GUI on 2.2.6 was pretty much useless. I could sometimes get to ssh in and reset the web service…sometime worked sometimes not.
    Upgraded to 2.3 and the secondary Gui is better, but not great.

    If I reboot or take the primary offline, the secondary is GUI problems. Primary comes back on and the problem is back. (this was the same for 2.2.6 and 2.3)
    I have a EVPL interface. So I setup the firewall so I can get into the GUI from that side. (from remote location)

    Oddly, from this interface I experience no gui problems at all.
    As soon as I go back to access the GUI on the Lan interface (on the lan network), the problem is there.

    Couple of notes on this setup:

    1. Lan is setup as a LAGG on both devices for failover only.
    2. Lan is not vlan’d
    3. Carp is on its own real interface. Failover seems fine from what I can tell.
    4. Even with the slow GUI, the secondary does seem to get all primary update changes.
    5. No other packages setup yet for sync. I know there was a problem with snort on 2.2.6 and the web server
      6)    Ping to the real LAN IP of secondary never drops.

    It really could be something I am missing, but just want to check.
    Thanks in advance.


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