Outbound Load Balancing is replaced.

  • The previously used outbound load balancing has been replaced by "Gateway Groups". See the System -> Routing Menu to find it.

    The load balancing menu item now refers to server load balancing only which is now done by relayd as opposed to slbd.

    EDIT: 2.0 Multi-WAN guide on the doc wiki: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-WAN_2.0

  • In 2.0 you need to add all the gateways in the system under System -> Routing -> Gateways Tab.

    After adding all the gateways you can then create a gateway group on the Gateway Group Tab. Set a priority for each wan connection that you want to have participate in each pool.

    Then assign this gateway group to a firewall rule (generally the LAN rule).

    Description of how tiers work on the Gateway Groups Screen.

    This might be best explained by viewing you configuration on the Status -> Gateways -> Gateway Groups tab.

    All gateways within the same tier will load balance.
    When all gateways in the tier are down we will use the next tier with a gateway.

    For example, when you want to load balance WAN1, WAN2 and use WAN3 if all else fails, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 1
    WAN3 Tier 2

    When You want to load balance WAN1, WAN2 and WAN3, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 1
    WAN3 Tier 1

    When You want to failover from WAN 1, to load balancing WAN2 and WAN3, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 2
    WAN3 Tier 2

    I hope this explains.

  • The load balancer item for the dashboard is for the server side load balancing. Not the new gateway groups.

    There is only a gateways status dashboard item, if you want to see the detailed gateway groups status you can select the Gateway Groups Tab on the Status -> Gateways menu.

  • You should now be able to build gateway groups easy with dynamic interfaces.

    The status gateways page, and status gateways groups page should list your dynamic interfaces.
    A gateways widget is also available.

    Feedback is sought here.

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